2013 News

Welcome to 2013 and good bye to one of the wettest autumns ever experienced.

Early 2012 started off with a drought but after July things went steadily downhill and of course all the essential oils crops were affected as well as the food crops we produce. as a consequence of the wet weather weed control and harvesting became difficult as wet crops do not harvest very well, in fact we had around 3 chamomile fields that did not get processed at all. All herb crops love the sunshine but this was lacking during the summer and yields have suffered. Some prices have increased on the back of this and at present we are meeting our customer requirements. Extra plantings have been planned for this coming spring but at present we are still waiting for the land to dry out to enable us to get on with the work. In a few weeks the website is being upgraded and will hopefully be more user friendly and able to display more products on the screen at the same time.