About Norfolk Essential Oils

Norfolk Essential Oils (NEO) is a family-run business based on the Norfolk/Cambridgeshire borders on the fertile Fen soils.

Ken was one of the founding members of the cooperative, working alongside a conventional arable farm. Together with his Wife, Son, Daughter, and Sister, the company is privately owned and works to provide quality UK Essential oils and Floral Waters to a number of sectors. It serves at-home use and wholesale sectors, from small businesses to large perfume and cosmetic houses.

We formed a cooperative in 1996 and created our larger-scale distillery in 1998. To this day, we still run the original herb vats – originally ex-chocolate vats – repurposed for distilling essential oils. In 2019, we doubled the capacity of our aromatic herb distillery from two vats to four, distilling a selection of gums and resins alongside aromatic herbs. Together, our close-knit team is available to help with your needs.


Each grower has a proportion of their farm cropping Aromatic Herbs. This ensures the kind of attention to detail that these specialist crops require.


Norfolk Essential Oils undertakes full commercial production on-site and runs its own purpose built steam distillation plant.


Crops are continually in development – a great deal of research takes place before we can be sure that a top quality essential oil is produced with the English weather and soil conditions.


Our policy is to offer pure and natural products grown and distilled by the farmer members of Norfolk Essential Oils (NEO).

Meet the Team


Managing Director


Administrator Director




Distiller/Harvest Operations

Meet the Farmers

Ken & Sean

Founding family members, growing over 12 species of herbs for essential oil production.


Family farm dedicated to Angelica Root production along with Melissa and Chamomile.

Roger & Will

Neighbouring family farm, growing German Chamomile and Peppermint.


Neighbouring family farmers, growing English Chamomile.

About Our Farm Services

A great amount of hard work goes into keeping the crops free from weed contamination during the growing season and we’re constantly looking at varieties of other herbs to grow on the fen soils to deliver more quality oils. We listen to the requirements of our customers, and they’re often surprised by how many aromatic herbs will flourish in our climate.

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