Discovering the Allure of Floral Waters

Floral Waters are aromatic waters produced during the process of steam distillation of plant materials, such as flowers, herbs, fruits, and other botanicals, to extract essential oils. They are also known as hydrosols or plant waters.

During steam distillation, steam passes through the plant material, capturing the essential oils and other water-soluble compounds. As the steam cools, it condenses into two distinct layers: the essential oil layer, which floats on top, and the hydrosol layer, which is the water-based product containing the water-soluble compounds from the plant.

Floral Waters have a lighter aroma compared to essential oils but still carry some of the properties of the essential oil and fragrance of the plant. They are gentler and safer to use directly on the skin compared to essential oils, making them popular in skincare and aromatherapy.

Common Floral Waters include rose water, lavender water, chamomile water, and neroli water, among others. They can be used as facial toners, body mists, linen sprays, or added to bathwater for a fragrant and therapeutic experience.