Harvest 2020 Melissa, Applemint, Lovage & English Chamomile

Harvest is well underway now. Melissa crops have been distilled, yield was marginally lower than average, but the quality of the oil looks to be good. 

This year for the first time we tried Applemint for a customer, this went well, considering the crows took a liking to the young plants and hampered the establishment.

Lovage was revisited this year, a herb we have grown before, at the time there was little demand for Lovage. Increase in requests for it we decided to revisit the Lovage. The crop produced more than expected in terms of yield, it has the typical lovage scent, so fingers crossed the quality will be good.

English Chamomile processing is in full swing. Indications currently very good, both yield quality looking good. The colour is the beautiful turquoise blue that our climate gives it. come back soon to see how the rest of the crop is doing

Still to come through the distillery… Dill Hyssop, Hemp, Yarrow, Peppermint, and Angelica.