Christmas scent box



Would you like to have the essential oils to make your home smell like Christmas, without having to hand pick them. We have picked a combination of 5 different essential oils to help with the Christmas experience.

In this selection we have included: (All in 10ml Bottles)
Black Spruce, can be add to your Christmas tree to keep the smell going for longer or if you have an artificial tree, to make it smell more real. It can also be added onto pine cones to release the aroma around your home.
Cinnamon Leaf, Clove Bud and Sweet Orange can all be blended together to create the Christmas wreath scent, and added onto the wreaths or put into diffusers and pot pourri.
Peppermint for those that love the candy and minty aroma can be used to add a little something different to the scents at Christmas.

All come in the white presentation box.

Hope you enjoy!

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