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  • Discover the wonders of English Lavender Essential Oil

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    This Weeks Spotlight Oil In a world brimming with synthetic remedies, English Lavender Essential oil stands as a beacon of natural healing. From its aromatic allure to its profound properties, it is an oil that has earned its rightful place in hearts and homes of many. Imagine strolling through a sun kissed Lavender field, each…

  • Elevate your Easter Experience with Essential Oils

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    As Easter approaches, it brings with it a sense of renewal, hope, and joy. Beyond the colorful eggs and sweet treats, this holiday invites us to create moments of reflection and connection with loved ones. One delightful way to enhance the Easter ambiance is by incorporating the power of essential oils. These aromatic extracts from…

  • Summer 2010


    This summer has possibly been the hottest and driest we have experienced since we started producing essential oils over 12 years ago now. Although newly planted crops have struggled for moisture the established crops have produced less growth but oil yields are certainly higher on the those distilled so far. German chamomile and English/Roman chamomile yields…

  • Organic Lavender Floral Water

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    We now have available our own distilled Organic Lavender Water. We attained soil association certification for our distillery during the summer of 2008 and have distilled this from a contract customer who is growing organic lavender. Available in the online shop from £2.90 for 100ml. Also in 250ml and 1000ml sizes.