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  • English Chamomile Oil Our Unsung Hero

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    English chamomile essential oil, also known as Roman chamomile essential oil, is derived from the flowers of the Anthemis nobilis plant through the process of steam distillation. This essential oil is renowned for its calming, soothing, and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a sweet, apple-like fragrance and is pale blue to yellow in colour. Chemical Composition…

  • Discover the wonders of English Lavender Essential Oil

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    This Weeks Spotlight Oil In a world brimming with synthetic remedies, English Lavender Essential oil stands as a beacon of natural healing. From its aromatic allure to its profound properties, it is an oil that has earned its rightful place in hearts and homes of many. Imagine strolling through a sun kissed Lavender field, each…

  • Its all over for another year…

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    Thursday saw us process our last load of English chamomile herb for the 2023 season. The crop was planted in April this year and although got off to a dry start managed to produce a nice crop and bloom of chamomile flowers for processing in late September.  The field was at my son’s farm around…

  • English Chamomile Transplanting

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    Springtime is here and it’s time for us to replant many of our older or poorer plantations. During the autumn we took out several different herb blocks and have replanted them into new fields. On average we would leave our English Chamomile in the ground for around 5 years. The fields need to be alternated…

  • Harvest 2020 Melissa, Applemint, Lovage & English Chamomile

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    Harvest is well underway now. Melissa crops have been distilled, yield was marginally lower than average, but the quality of the oil looks to be good.  This year for the first time we tried Applemint for a customer, this went well, considering the crows took a liking to the young plants and hampered the establishment.…

  • German Chamomile 2020 Harvest

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    It’s been a daunting growing season this year. An incredibly wet winter and an exceptionally dry spring, it’s always unnerving when you first begin distilling, to see how the crop has faired up. We were pleasantly surprised to see the crop looking fab, and the oil yield had not been hampered at all. But what…

  • Shipping of oils Classified as Dangerous Goods

    Flammable oils are class as dangerous goods and need to be shipped accordingly. This must be in line with the IATA regulations for air shipping. We now have trained and certified staff that have completed the dangerous goods by air course and we can pack and ship all items under these regulations. Those products that…

  • Distilling Lemons

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    During the beautiful spring day, we fired up the distillery to replenish our Lemon hydrosol stock. With the delightful smell wafting through the distillery, the sun shining everyone had a smile on their face. We also had the added delight of producing some steam distilled lemon oil, producing just over 3 litres.

  • ’17 Harvest Has Begun!

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    Harvest this year has been the earliest yet! We have started processing approximately 10 days earlier than previous years. German Chamomile (Matrucaria recutica) is under way. Yield this year is normal, quality is excellent. Due to the dry spring, some of the crops were not able to establish, and therefore it is possible overall yield…

  • German Chamomile Seeding

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    German Chamomile seeding for this year has been completed and has been successful. The plants are growing and looking well. To seed the German Chamomile we sprinkle the seeds on the bare soil, just before a little bit of moisture is due to arrive, for an effective germination.