2009 Outlook

2009 has started with some very cold weather which has delayed the spreading of the distilled herb waste back onto the fields, this action not only replaces organic matter back into the soil but also has some nutrient value which with the high costs of fertilser at the moment is a welcome alternative.

Chamomile plants are again being planted by four growers this season, this is to replace areas of older plantation that are being taken out of production. We will be planting more melissa, yarrow, peppermint and thyme this year along with the seeding of hemp and German chamomile. After many years experience in the growing and distilling of essential oils we are now expanding our retail (website) range to include oils not only distilled by ourselves but other businesses around the globe. This is partly due to requests from our many customers for quality reliable oils to complement our excisting range. New oils are being added from January onwards with many more appearing over the next few weeks. We are also asking for customers to email us if there is an oil they would like to se on our sales pages, with our many contacts in the trade we are able to source these. We are looking forward to a warmer summer this year which we hope will raise oil yields to their more traditional levels. If you have any requests for oils or further information please e-mail to [email protected]