Its all over for another year…

Thursday saw us process our last load of English chamomile herb for the 2023 season. The crop was planted in April this year and although got off to a dry start managed to produce a nice crop and bloom of chamomile flowers for processing in late September. 

The field was at my son’s farm around 16 miles away near Whittlesey and was cut by a mower around a week ago expecting a good dry and processing to take place within the normal 3 to 4 days the rains came and soaked the cut chamomile which laid vulnerable in the swarth with over 40mm of rain in 24 hours. Patience was the order of the day and we left the crop to dry which was achieved with these recent high winds and we started distilling on Tuesday with completion today. 

The yield of oil has been good and quality and colour are good from all 12 distillations which you can see from the attached pictures. After collection from the stills, the oils are separated from the water phase(hydrosol) and dried to remove any water droplets within the oil which in turn then produces a bright blue oil which is stored out of light and kept cool until it is required by our customers when it is then transferred to the point of sale container which can be from 5ml up to 5kg in size.

After distillation and cleaning are completed we then take samples of our own distilled oils to send off for GC/MS analysis which then shows the total component content of the oils, these are available to our customers.
Now the season for English-grown oils is finished we will be off to harvest our farm’s potato crops before returning to distil our oils from gums and resins like various frankincense types, opoponax, and even asafoetida in our rotating water still. We also will be completing distillations for customers that have their own raw material and bring to us for distillation to use themselves.

We have been producing English Essential Oils now for almost 30 years and are proud of the oils that we produce here in the Norfolk fenland, if you are interested in our chamomile or any of our other oils please do not hesitate to contact us to make a purchase, or experience a sample of our special oils.

We can supply bulk wholesale quantities of our oils within the UK or overseas with customers in the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Japan and others we have experience in shipping small and large quantities around the world.